Track of Praia Grande

Trilha da Ilha Grande - Fotógrafo: Vanderlei Ramos

This track is very touching, but it is not proper for inexperienced people in walking through the forest, because there are several stretches of very shut forest  and lots of forks that confuse the ways. Actually this track also takes you to the several alternative courses. The descend of Praia Grande it is the simplest and the less risky. 

The track begins in the neighborhood of Bonfim (Estrada do Contorno - 3Km from downtown). In order to find it you turn right at the first crossing after clube do Chapisco. it is a street without exit, in the end of that street there’s a small track with slight inclination to the left, always keep on the left until finding a steep descend among high trees, that descend finishes near a small house that is behind Praia Grande.  

Approximate duration : 0:45h / 1:15h