Track of Jussaral

Trilha do Jussaral - Fotógrafo: Vanderlei Ramos

Jussaral, actually, is the name of a train station, which is nowadays completely abandoned. The route, that is totally in slope, it was used a long time ago by the colonels of mills to transport groceries that arrived by train and until now it possesses some stretches covered with stones by the slaves. The begins between the neighborhoods of Banqueta and Belém Areal (BR 101 – way of Santos). The best way to find it is going through the highway of Banqueta and going by the reservoir of water, later staying to the left until you find a fork in a clearing half-deforested. In that point there’s a track to the right and a down slope to the left. The track of Jussaral is the right one, the other one takes us to the neighborhood of Belém Areal.  

The end of the track is exactly in the rails of the railroad of the abandoned station. 

Approximate duration : 1:00h / 1:30h