Track of the Indians

Estrada de acesso a Trilha dos Indios - Fotógrafo: Ney Ramos

The track of the Indians is located in the neighborhood of Bracuí (BR 101 – way of Santos). It takes us until the indigenous village of the Guaranis that until today they populate the lands of the municipal district. To go to the village it is necessary to verify, in the Center of Tourist Information, if the access is liberated, therefore several times it is forbidden the entrance in the village. 

The stretch is long and, still today, it is used by the natives for transport of food and craft that it is sold beside the highway. The track begins in the right entrance of the neighborhood of Itinga do Bracuí. During the way we can find waterfalls, rivers of clear waters and the best of the Atlantic forest. An unforgettable walk.  

Approximate duration : 2:30h / 3:00h