Track of the Gold

Few tracks in Brazil have so much history and few ones gather so much beauty as the track of the gold. Located on the border of the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, it is in curves from the top of the mountain of Bocaína, at 1.540 meters high, almost to the sea in hundreds of kilometers.  To walk through the track of the gold is like going back in the time. It was used to smuggle the gold that was explored in the mines of Ouro Preto and it was taken to Portugal for that alternative track, that didn't go by the inspection of that time.  In that track we can appreciate one of the most exuberant area of the Atlantic forest, with waterfalls and landscapes that take your the breath, and a scenery that begins with araucarias and hydrangeas, typical of climates more warm, and it finishes with bromélias and tropical banana trees, as well as several vestiges of an old time along the road, like the ruins of the old cane mill and areas made of stone made by the slaves,   the starting point for the track of the Gold is the National Park of the Mountain of Bocaina, at 27 kilometers of São José do Barreiro a city located at 174 kilometers far from São Paulo, in Vale do Paraíba.   The track begins just after the current of the park, but if you prefer you can go by Jeep to the area where you can see the first vestiges of old pavement. In the middle of the forest there are treacherous forks. An experienced guide is better recommended. Some options of lodging are Pousada Vale dos Veados and casa da dona Palmira. A good stretch of the first part of the track is made of stones of the old pavement. Another prominence point is Cacheira dos Veados (Waterfall of the Deers). The walk finishes next to a suspended bridge, after the river Santo Antônio at approximately 15 kilometers. of the neighborhood of Perequê in Mambucaba (Angra dos Reis). 


Approximate Duration : 1 ½ a 2