Angra for You... 
Angra is all yours. The difficult is to discover all the magic of this place. Walking through this land secrets and corners that enchant, impassion and make to dream can be discovered. Angra is a sea of a deep blue, paradisiacal islands, mountains, rivers, forests

Cais do Porto - Fotógrafo: Francinete Fróes

Vista da Av. Júlio Maria - Fotógrafo: Francinete Fróes

and amazing  emotions, where the nature introduces one of the most beautiful show in the earth. There are secrets kept in the 365 islands of Angra that share the ocean and there is much more, there’s an island named Ilha Grande with wild green, beaches and more beaches. Here, every moment, you discover new charms. 

Walk, go for a swim, relax... You are in Angra dos Reis.