Going to Island

The regular transport - Boats of CONERJ - they assist only the Villa of Abraão, with daily departures from Cais da Lapa (Angra dos Reis) and also from Mangaratiba. The applied Prices now are US$ 2 from Monday to Friday and US$ 3 on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. 

In other points of Ilha Grande, the used means of transportation is boats or fishing boats that can be rented in Cais de Santa Luzia, however we remind that some Inns possess their own embarkations. 

Barcas S/A  from Abraão - Ilha Grande 
Phone: 55 21 2533-6661 (R: 222)

Angra x Abraão

Monday -  Friday 15:30 horas
Saturday and Sunday 13:30h

Abraão x Angra

Sunday to Sunday 10:30 horas

Mangaratiba x Abraão

Sunday to Sunday 08:00 horas
Friday  22:00horas (Especial)

Abraão x Mangaratiba     

Sunday to Sunday 17:15horas

Barcos  from Araçatiba - Ilha Grande

Angra x Araçatiba

Saturday and Subday:  09:00h

Araçatiba x Angra

Saturday and Subday:  17:00h


Rent a Boats



Ilha de Paquetá

US$ 50

Ilha do Ouriço

US$ 50

Ilha do Arroz

US$ 50

Ilha da Gipóia

US$  33

Praia de Jurubaíba ( Gipóia )

US$  45

Ilha de Cataguases

US$  28

Passeio por Hora

US$  13

Diária ( 08:00h as 17:00h )

US$ 100


US$ 58


US$ 75


US$ 75


US$ 40

Praia Vermelha

US$ 40

Freguesia de Santana

US$  33

Associação de Barqueiros de Angra dos Reis
Av. Júlio Maria, s/nº - Centro - Tel.: (24) 365-3165/991-8858