Coming from São Paulo

By the Highway Presidente Dutra 

 Distant not more than 370 kilometers from São Paulo, Angra dos Reis can be reached by BR-116  (Via Dutra – Highway Presidente Dutra). Near Barra Mansa take the right the highway RJ-155, that goes to Rio Claro and Lídice. Take care not to enter  Passa Três and Bananal. From Barra Mansa to the junction of RJ-155 with BR-101 (Rio-Santos) there are 80 kilometers. Until Angra there are more than 15 kilometers. Another road for who leaves São Paulo by Via Dutra is going to São José dos Campos and go down through Tamoios Highway until Caraguatatuba and from there to the coast, then you go to Ubatuba, Paraty and Angra dos Reis.   

By Rio Santos Highway

It is a delayed course, however with incredible views. Leaving Santos go down Bocaina mountain and will pass for several towns and places with extreme beauty like: Boracéia, São Sebastião, Caraguatatuba, Ubatuba and Paraty, being now just 96 Km from Angra downtown. Later on you’ll find the 4th district of Angra called Frade (Monk), there are more than 30 Km until the access enter to Angra. 








Coming from Rio de Janeiro

Leaving Rio de Janeiro - The road begins in Avenida Brasil (Brazil Avenue) and it proceeds by Rio-Santos, for 155 kilometers, going by the towns of Itaguaí, Muriqui and Mangaratiba until arrives in Angra dos Reis. Another option is going trhough for the Tunnel Dois Irmãos, Barra da Tijuca, Recreio dos Bandeirantes, Santa Cruz and Rio-Santos.







Coming from  Barra Mansa - Volta Redonda - Resende

Take the highway RJ-155, that goes by Rio Claro and Lídice. Watch out. you cannot take the enterance to Passa Três and Bananal. From Barra Mansa to  the   junction of RJ-155 with BR-101 (Rio-Santos) there are 80 kilometers. From that point until Angra there are more than 15 kilometers.








Coming by the Sea

The access by the sea is very beautiful, but there aren’t regular lines, except the Marine Cruises, which include Angra dos Reis in their routes. 

Anyway, who comes by yacht or other vessels can find many options in the anchorages of the boat marinas and yacht clubs.






Coming by the Air

The Airport of Angra dos Reis is considered a small load one, assisting principally, small private Aircrafts. With a length of landing/taking off track - now with 980 m - its expansion was requested by the fundamental importance for the tourist development of the Bay of Ilha Grande.